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Add beauty and stability to any landscape with a brick retaining wall.

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Brick retaining walls are a great way to add beauty and stability to any landscape. They can be used to keep soil and other materials in place, create terraced areas, define boundaries, and give a finished look to any outdoor space. The masonry experts at United Masonry & Hardscape can help you to determine what type of retaining wall is best for the application you'll be using it in.

Brick RetainerMaterials: Bricks are the most common material used for retaining walls, but other materials such as stones, concrete blocks, and brick pavers can also be used. Brick retaining walls are typically constructed with clay bricks and mortar, although some are built using larger blocks of stone or concrete. The type of material you choose should depend on the size and function of your wall, as well as the desired look.

Construction Methods: Building a retaining wall out of bricks is a relatively straightforward process. First, the area where the wall will be built should be excavated and leveled. Then, a solid base of gravel should be laid down. Next, the bricks should be laid in a pattern, with mortar between each brick. The wall should be built in layers, with each layer sloped slightly toward the back of the wall. Finally, the top of the wall should be capped with a layer of mortar and the bricks should be pointed.

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Maintain Your Current Brick Walls

Maintenance: Brick retaining walls require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best and to ensure that they are structurally sound. The mortar should be inspected for cracks, and any loose bricks should be re-pointed. The wall should also be cleaned periodically to remove dirt and grime.

Overall, brick retaining walls are an attractive and functional addition to any landscape. They are relatively easy to construct and maintain, and they can add character and functionality to any outdoor space. If you’re looking for a way to add beauty and stability to your yard, consider building a brick retaining wall.

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