Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens will add a cooking area to your terrace, patio, deck, or other outdoor space.

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Custom outdoor kitchens designed by United Masonry & Hardscape in Metro Detroit extend the ease and comfort of your inside kitchen outside. We personally supervise every aspect, from the design to the building and installation. If you want to add a cooking area to your terrace, patio, deck, or other outdoor space, United Masonry & Hardscape can design and implement a unique outdoor kitchen that fulfills all of your requirements and goes above and beyond what you expect.

detroit outdoor kitchenWe will work to make sure that whether you want to construct your own personal outdoor kitchen or add one to a shared community space, it suits your idea. We will design, construct, and install outdoor cooking spaces as part of an existing space or as a completely new project. No matter what your objectives are for a unique kitchen plan, United Masonry & Hardscape has the skills and expertise to support your vision.

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Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design

An ordinary outdoor space can come to life with a custom-designed outdoor kitchen. You can create the perfect kitchen that meets your demands and available space outside by transferring everything you can envision having in an indoor kitchen. For your new outdoor kitchen, pick from a variety of ovens, stoves, grills, refrigerators, bar areas, sinks, and other features.

When you decide that United Masonry & Hardscape should create and construct your outdoor kitchen, the process will begin with an on-site consultation. One of our outdoor kitchen design experts will sit down with you to learn about your vision, goals, and personal preferences. When creating a unique outdoor kitchen that satisfies all of your requirements, we will make sure that no detail is missed. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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When you hire United Masonry & Hardscapes, you are hiring a local family-owned company with roots right here in your own community. We love the Metro-Detroit area, and take pride in our ability to help beautify it one project at a time. Estimates are always free, and we’re never too busy to chat about your project. Call today and speak to America’s favorite masons.